When a friend let’s you down…

hi again guys. So I decided to post every other day but I wasn’t able to post on Friday as i was busy…so I might post twice for it today, I don’t know yet. Anyways. I had a friend called KZ and I went to her house last week, so we arranged for her to come to mine this week. She was supposed to come between 11-11:30 … But for whatever reason, its now 12.35 and she still isn’t here. So I got kind of upset that she let me down when we had an agreement… I know it always happen to people but its never happened to me before and I didn’t know what to do. So I made a list of things to do this afternoon as I now had no plans. I got ideas by looking up “what to do when bored” and it was very useful 🙂 some things which I included was: Post on here, check Instagram (we had a gadget break and I haven’t been on in 2 weeks), listen to the Vodaphone big top 40, eat chocolate, do a page of doodles, finish knitting my dads scarf… Just simple things to keep me busy and happy 😊 it can be really hard on people when someone let’s them down, and I understand that more now. Comment your experiences and what you do to feel better ❤

Going Offline xx


Halfway there!

now…no post yesterday, sorry, I had gymnastics. But today its Wednesday: That’s halfway through the week! For most people anyways. At my school we finish at 2.10 on a Wednesday and I love it! And extra hour or more at home for me, relaxing or catching up on soaps. I tell myself once this day is over, there’s only 2 more left. Two days to spend as much time as possible learning new things and laughing with my friends. I’m quite an optimistic person, and when it comes to school…well, you have to do it, so just enjoy it!! Just ask yourself…are you enjoying life to the full? Remember…it doesn’t last forever!!

going offline xx ❤

Restarting this page ❤

Hiiiiii!! So I had this page for 2 years and I decided to restart it because in that time I made 5 posts (I know, not great right?!). Now…i have no clue what you’re thinking, but this page is IN NO WAY for promoting me: It’s simply for sharing my wishes, hopes, dreams, experiences and anything else which comes to mind… My aim is to post daily, and failing that (most likely) at least once a week 😉 so, keep an eye out, and have a great Monday evening…even if the weather is as bad as it is for me!! 😂

Going Offline xx