Again, cant sleep!

hallo friends!

I cant sleep, its so hot (🌵) and sticky, I live near a pub so lots of drunk people are fighting and shouting, car alarms keep going off, same with house alarms. Anyhow….exams this week for our school! I’m like the only person not freaking out: I say, you get out what you put in, so revise and prepare and you’ll do well! Plus, stressing isn’t gonna get you anywhere, and nothing at all is riding on these exams…if we don’t get a good a level as we wanted, well…it doesn’t matter, just revise better next time and forget it. I personally think exams are ridiculous to stress about: You can only do your best, that’s all, so try hard and you’ll do great! So yah…thats all for now folks (what does that remind you of? 😂)

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Well then…

omg omg omg so I have a friend called Shannon who I met on Instagram and we text and call all the time, and today she introduced me to maise, sho lives next door to her, and guess what we found out? MAISE IS MOVING TO MY TOWN, COMING TO MY SCHOOL AND IS IN MY YEAR!! I literally cannot wait to meet her, its gonna be so fun!! We planned loads of shopping trips, sleep overs, nights at each others house, meet ups after school…everything! Aww I literally…im SO EXCITED!!! anyways….yahh!

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Happy fathers day!

hiya guys!

honestly I am doing so bad at posting on here 😂 but hey… So. Fathers day. I love my dad so much, he brought me up, taught me everything I know, he’s always there for me to talk to, and he listens, he takes me to gymnastics, he listens to the gossip from school then says “so who’s that then?”…its all the little things that count, and even though i definitely do not show it enough (HEY I TRY!!) I love him with all my heart and would not change him for the world. Thankyou for everything you’ve done/you do for me daddy, I love you so so much ❤ ❤ ❤ ilysssm

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Can’t sleep 💤

heya guys! I haven’t posted in a few weeks cos I went away and had no WiFi…sorry about that! But I’m back now and the second night at home I cant sleep…i get that sometimes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get about one night every month where I just cannot sleep: I occupy myself by drawing, knitting, going on my phone, doing quiet Diys and the likes. Also checking media and messaging people. The One Love Manchester concert was beautiful earlier though, touched my heart, but it is incredibly sad that after Manchester, London was attacked again too…RIP all who died and I hope the injured heal quick. Anyways, leaving you with a question…do you get these random sleepless night, and if you do, what do you do to fill them?

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