Again, cant sleep!

hallo friends!

I cant sleep, its so hot (🌵) and sticky, I live near a pub so lots of drunk people are fighting and shouting, car alarms keep going off, same with house alarms. Anyhow….exams this week for our school! I’m like the only person not freaking out: I say, you get out what you put in, so revise and prepare and you’ll do well! Plus, stressing isn’t gonna get you anywhere, and nothing at all is riding on these exams…if we don’t get a good a level as we wanted, well…it doesn’t matter, just revise better next time and forget it. I personally think exams are ridiculous to stress about: You can only do your best, that’s all, so try hard and you’ll do great! So yah…thats all for now folks (what does that remind you of? 😂)

going offline xx


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